Hello & Welcome

I am Marium, married, wifey to this amazing packet of masculinity that his mama proudly named VASIF (cute isn’t it). I am originally from Mumbai but now based in Pune.

I am a Professor/Coach who loves to read and eat. I will write about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and a wee little stuff of my wife-y life and share my personal experiences about all the little messy things of my life after getting married.

I have come across many young and new moms who are too engrossed with their little ones/toddlers/child so much so that they forget that they are wives too.

Managing the role of a mom and a wife (and a working one at that) requires a lot of work. One has to manage themselves and spend time with husband (he shouldn’t feel left out right!) when you become a Mother. Add to that the work that goes into maintaining yourself and always being presentable.

Well this is exactly what my blog MARRIEDMESS is all about.

It is a blog for all the Wives, Mothers, Females who are newly Married.

I would love to connect with you all and take a 5 minute break from all the mundane chores of life.

Drop in for a quick read
I promise to have something interesting up for you
Keep in touch, all you goody goody people. And Dear Moms, Please share all your tips with me on multi-tasking!

(Kudos to you all for managing everything so smoothly!)